Action Comedy / SingleCam / Digital Series

LOGLINE: A scruffy gay bachelor and a divorcée from Jersey navigate wildly awkward “only-in-New-York” encounters while living Uptown.

SYNOPSIS: Kevin McCormick (30), a fledgling academic, dreams of owning his own laundry machine and becoming the youngest gay dad north of 110th St. His next-door neighbor, Jan (50), recently divorced and with kids in college, is ready to party like it’s 1999. Together (with some bubbly from the bodega) there’s nothing this odd-couple can’t shake. That is until this week...


Episode 1 - Sunday

Kev and Jan unknowingly arrive at the posh event of Kev’s ex-partner while gigging as cater waiters.


Episode 2 - Monday

When a MegaHeatwave hits NYC, Kev, Jan, and fellow roomie, Andre, sneak into the swank air conditioned penthouse of Kev’s Phd advisor.


Episodes 3-7 (in development.)

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